Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainbow Dash is ready to hit the skies! [UPDATED]

RD Complete (13)
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If I crochet another Rainbow Dash, there are a number of things I will do differently. Her ears are not too well-spaced, which makes her face and head look kind of weird. The eyes also don't look too great... they need to be a bit more even and smooth-looking, I think.

The wings were rough. I need to devise or discover a new pattern for the wings. If I do a Fluttershy, I'll have her wings closed, which will be a lot easier to do, but that just doesn't work for Rainbow Dash's character. Also, I'm a terrible nerd about this.

Final pet peeve: I need a better way of layering her mane. It's probably too thick on top, especially when compared with her tail. But at least it was easier than Rarity's mane, which will give me nightmares before it's complete.

The final decision I have to make is simply: Etsy or Ebay? Hmmmmm...

UPDATE: I decided to go with Ebay. Here is the link to the listing.
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