Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Over Nine Thousaaaaaand!

I screencapped that just now, because it amused me. And, while I've never watched a single full episode of Dragonball Z, I can appreciate a good meme as much as the next weirdo.

This Over 9000 feat is a pretty big deal for me, when you consider that my 14 followers have visited this little old site almost 650 times over the last four years. You guys are so dedicated! As a thank-you, here are some photos of the happiest of puppies!

In full disclosure, I basically just went to Google and searched for "happiest of puppies" and copied the image URL for each of the pictures except for the last, which I saw on Reddit today.

And, speaking of Reddit, I'm fully aware that I really couldn't have gotten over 9000 views without having linked this blog to the My Little Pony subreddit. So, as a thanks to all my bronies, here's a few pictures of ponies!

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