Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Everyone Coming Here From

Hi! What brings you here?

Seriously, guys. Why am I getting traffic from this source? I tried getting an account there, but I couldn't figure out how or where this blog is linked. I'm just curious. Honestly. I hope everyone coming here from has a nice time, though they probably won't. This isn't that great a blog.

In other news... I've got nothin'. I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about more than just perplexing web traffic, but I don't have anything to talk about. This is a problem that has plagued this blog for several years. I doubt anybody is surprised at this point.
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  1. Hey mate, I was googling about this very same problem and ran into your blog. Same think happening at my blog; getting a little bit of traffic from purebloggers and NO idea why... Makes me wonder if maybe one of our followers have us linked perhaps and is signed up, or just someone likes us enough to mention our blogs...

  2. The thing that's driving me bonkers is that I just don't know what, if anything, is being said. They could be ranting about how I'm a boring, miserable blogger with nothing better to do than to spew profanity and pony photos onto the internet (which it already has quite enough of, and doesn't need me adding to, thank you very much), for all I care, just as long as they stop being all secretive about it!

  3. Same here. But have you considered that this might be automated traffic that the site itself generates to entice you into registering? After all, they have a "social network", and noone I know of is using it. They need to get you.

  4. I showed up about...six months ago, maybe more? I just love everyday geeks blogging about stuff. It's always interesting to get stories from people who see things differently.