Monday, June 22, 2009

I love him like I love Fresca.

So... my boyfriend is pretty much obsessed with fish. Not quite Troy McLure-obsessed, but almost. In spite of living in the Midwest, where there are decidedly few opportunities for actual delicious seafood, he craves it constantly. There is pretty much never a time when there isn't some fish sitting in our freezer, waiting to be cooked by me for his tummy. He could be content to have a fishy-centric supper every day of the week, and probably some lunches and breakfasts too.

Now, I like fish, but mostly because I've recently discovered that it doesn't taste like gross, which is the opinion my mother holds. Having grown up knowing that opinion, I shared it until my boyfriend shared with me the joyous experience of sushi (something a Japanophile like me cannot resist for love or money or even a nice juicy steak). So, I like fish, and go out of my way for a nice sushi meal, but there's still a part of me that is aware of when the fish isn't cooked to its full potential.

As I am most frequently the cook in question, this is problematic. On the one hand, I have this wonderful but crazy man interested in salmon, and perch, and hali-butt, and all sorts of other things he finds at the grocery store. And on the other, there's me, asking... "How the fuck am I going to cook that and not turn it into utter fail?" The only method I've had any real success with is baking it with a combination of spices that I discovered on one recipe website or another; and even then, it's touch-and-go (I too often overcook it, which makes it dry and awful). So often, Nick and I will be standing in front of the freezer doors, and he'll ask, "Do you think you can cook sole?"

Sure, I can cook sole. I don't have a recipe right off the top of my head, but I can find one. I've found that has a pretty good selection, and being able to read comments by folks who've tried these recipes is also helpful. But no amount of incredible, easy-to-make recipes for outstanding types of fish can overcome my ability to totally fuck shit up.

I'm lucky he'll eat anything no matter how crappy it tastes. And I need to figure out how to broil shit, just for a change of pace.

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  1. I'm sure you've discovered by now, but the most important recipe tip with fish is keep a close eye on it while cooking, and the second it's overcooked (by minutes or less) it's total fail.