Friday, May 15, 2009

So much stuff!

One of my biggest problems is that I very frequently think to myself (as opposed to thinking to someone else...) "Ooh, that's something I could write a blog post about!" and then I never get around to actually writing the post. Like my stalled "With Darkness as an Ally" series, a road block goes up somewhere between idea and "Publish Post". It can be anything from the sudden rumble of my stomach, reminding me that I haven't had breakfast yet, or the reminder that I still have 17 videos in my queue on Hulu that really ought to get watched eventually, or I could just get bored and decide that playing a computer game like Puzzle Pirates or Spider Solitaire would be much more interesting than just writing about... stuff.

What kind of stuff have I failed to write about? Golly, I'll tell you!

This article on CNN that I read today; it got me thinking even more about my own atheism (something that's been on my mind quite a lot lately, thanks to recent YouTube discoveries my boyfriend has made). I could write just so much here about so many different aspects of religion that I have a beef with, including one of my favorite stuffs to think about: "What if Satan Wrote the Bible?" That post will probably never come, though, because it would be difficult to ever really end it.

What was going on at Taco Bell at 5:45am the other day? I drive by there on the way to work in the mornings, and the lights are usually off, but that time they were on! There was no end to my speculations, and I briefly entertained the notion of sharing them all with you, the internet, but I was at work for the next many hours and promptly forgot them all.

I've felt the urge to write movie reviews that nobody really needs to read. Sometimes I just want to talk about movies, and why I think The Spirit would have been better with the application of vodka, or why I totally expect someone to re-make Just One of the Guys, and why I will be there on opening night for it.

Does anyone else feel betrayed when spam makes it through your e-mail's Junk Filter? Does anyone else get excited by a "new mail" notification, only to discover that "The best way to win her heart is to buy her a golden watch." Actually, going through my spam folder, I could do an entire blog post just listing the spam titles. I'd share a website that illustrates spam titles, but I haven't been able to get it to load today. /sad

And... I've not only forgotten all the other stuffs that I want to share with you, the internet, but I'm also being distracted by my stomach rumbling, reminding me that I haven't had breakfast yet. Time to hit the little orange button, so I can get at least this much up...


  1. A blog post about blog posting, very meta! I have this problem too; I get a post drafted, typically about something current, and then never seem to get past the self-editing stage. So as a result, I have about a half dozen drafts that just sit in my blog queue, never addressed. I am doing a little better about the number of blogs though - I'm now down to 1 I don't publish through instead of 3.

  2. I know you don't have any idea who I am, and thus little interest in what I think or write. Still, I thought you should know that your post inspired me to update my blog with a long post about the same subject. Likely less entertaining, but in my defense, I'm still slogging through my day at work.

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  4. So I did a search on Twitter for Bad Religion, just to see what was going on and I saw your tweet about getting scolded for your tattoo! I'm assuming a cross-buster? I have one on my chest so I understand :)

    Rock on!