Monday, September 30, 2013

Cheetah Pizza

Another weekend of Crypticon has come and gone, and it was a lovely time. That said, for all that we've done there over the last five years that it's been at that location, there's been one thing that's always managed to slip off our personal itinerary.

We still have never eaten at Cheetah Pizza.

It was totally the plan this year. Friday night supper: TGI Fridays. Saturday breakfast: hotel breakfast buffet. Saturday lunch: CHEETAH PIZZA. What happened?

We were exhausted, basically. It got away from us. But it's something I still regret, because I just can't figure out what cheetahs have to do with pizza. I have so many unnecessary and wildly speculative questions about this place.Why does Cheetah Pizza seem like a good idea? Is it very quickly made? Is it very quickly delivered? Is it made with real cheetah? Is it made by real cheetahs (every pizza is just a gazelle with its throat ripped out on real savanna-baked dough?)

Is there a rival restaurant down the street called Hyena Tacos? Can I order up some takeout from Hippo Wok?

Am I really just asking all these questions because I'm hungry and am kind of loopy as a result?


  1. We have a place called "Fuzzy Tacos" here. Never real had the courage to try it.

  2. You have some interesting thoughts and a I enjoy your sense of humor. Glad to see you are still blogging, I was worried you had stopped.