Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crypticon 2012 in Photos


Motherfucking raven!


Crazy bird eyes. Eye.


Tony Curran! I met van Gogh, y'all! Incidentally, he could only stay a few hours due to other conflicts, but he was ridiculously charming and delightful, and it is a tragedy that he couldn't do a Q&A.


Badass Evil Dead 2 bike.


Getting ready for Zombie Prom. I had to redo my makeup 3 times, which is why it is so crummy right now. I just got sick of cleaning it all off my face and then starting over. I really could have used a lot more blood, but that goes without saying.


Zombies invade... the exercise room... We were really drunk and it seemed like a hilarious idea.


Still really drunk.

Our swag this year was pretty reserved, because we were on a serious budget, so I haven't really taken a ton of swag pictures like I did last year. It's mostly art anyway, and we're still deciding where to hang everything. However:

Crappy cell phone pic, but fucking awesome posters!

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