Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asterisks are always important

I read this article, because I am a woman adult human being adult human being who is not a damn dirty hippie*, and so I shave regularly. Good razors are important things, so I considered this article relevant to my interests as an adult human being that shaves regularly.

As I read the article, I noticed, as I hope you will when you peruse the article yourself, that after the "yearly cost" for each razor is shown, an asterisk is also displayed. So I searched for its meaning, and read this:

*Cost assumes an average of eight every-other-day shaves per cartridge or razor.
Huh. Every other day. Now I know why women bitch about shaving so much. It's because they're shaving as much as three times as frequently per week more than I am. Seriously. When I say I "shave regularly," "regularly" means once a week. Maybe my undiscovered super power is body hair that grows three times slower than the rest of the adult human beings on this planet.

This honestly blows my mind, and I'm astonished that every-other-day shaving is so common that a Yahoo! article will use it as a standard for razor testing. What is the math on this? Assuming I shave once per week, and use each disposable razor four times before discarding it, am I saving much more than the rest of the women who follow the standard?

Or maybe I'm more of a damn dirty hippie* than I thought I was. And on an unrelated note, I'm saddened that the only unusual labels that have been suggested are "Recreation" and "Collecting".

*I don't think hippies are damned or dirty. It's just an expression. An expression that got into my vocabulary (would "vocabulary" apply to a phrase, rather than a word?) via South Park.
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  1. I think you can call it your lexicon.