Sunday, November 22, 2009

Too Long to Tweet (again)

Disclaimer: I've not gotten into the Twilight craze; have not read the books nor seen the films. A good chunk of the people within my circle of friends do not have good things to say of it, so this post is based on my estimation that their opinions would be comparable to mine if curiosity ever got the better of me.

That said, here's a hypothetical for the internets:

If Jason Friedberg and and Aaron Seltzer (the creators of Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie, etc.) were able to salvage one more movie out of their career and made a Twilight-based Vampire Movie... would it be better or worse than the source material?

Deep down, I feel myself leaning towards worse. Crazed tween girls probably have better taste than concussed frat boys. Probably.


  1. It would be about the same on the BLECH meter. This meter of course measures the average vomit speed and distance the average person experiences after watching above said movies.

  2. I wandered over here from GoodReads. I think I have a crush on you, but don't worry. It's not the 'rummage through your trash and wear your coffee filter as a hat while I roll about on your lawn' sort of crush.
    Well. That's not exactly a crush, I guess. It's more like a mental illness. Anyway. Um. I sort of lost track of the thread, but it probably wasn't anything important. In fact, to paraphrase Sports Night, I suspect that the length of this comment greatly exceeds your interest in it.