Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Got the Beat, I Got the Beat, I Got the... Beat.

Remember last blog how I said I'm a chronic karaoke-er? Yeah... Now that I sit here and think about it, I'm pretty sure that music just makes me go crazy. I can get so enthused and pumped-up and emotive, even when I'm sitting at my desk with the headphones on. For instance, for the better part of an hour, I sat at my desk this evening playing Spider Solitaire and listening to two songs on repeat which I'd decided I couldn't live without in my iTunes any longer.


I now think that I should probably have turned on the webcam and just rocked out, just to let you see what it does to me. But, surprisingly enough, I do have some inhibitions, and there will probably not be a Dr. Horrible Double Spaz Dance Video feature... this time...

I'm sure it's the influence of musical theatre coming back to haunt my ass (especially now that I'm amazingly compelled to get the Sweeny Todd soundtrack so I can have Alan Rickman serenade at me). I'd like to think it wasn't always this way... but I'm probably wrong. I'm pretty sure that if I talked to my mom she could come up with several home videos of my toddler self gyrating wildly to the vocal stylings of Mickey Mouse and friends (it was a red cassette tape, and I'm pretty sure I loved the hell out of it, for me to remember it this clearly). Mom, are you reading this? Do you know what I'm talking about? If so, you should probably not share it with me, because I'll almost certainly feel compelled to share it here and embarrass the hell out of you further.

There are times when being a slave to the melody is a good thing, though. I always go to the gym with the iPod in tow, with my special selection of upbeat dancey-type music to keep me moving. But sometimes the shows on the tvs are compelling, and I find myself paying as much attention to the shows (closed captioning ftw!) as to the music. But tonight... I was watching the new Tim Roth show, and there was only about fifteen minutes left, when some damn teeny-bopper airhead girly girls got on the ellipticals next to me and changed the channel to basketball!!! This made me pretty damn cranky, let me tell you. So I cranked the volume, put my head down, skipped any song that didn't move fast enough and, immersed in my own little world, laid down the rock and roll!

The only problem is... now my legs hurt. But I have the solution.

Chair groovin'.

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