Monday, December 1, 2008

A bit of culture shock?

How unexpected.

Yesterday, Winona got a nice batch of snow. It was pretty, it was white, it covered the ground... It was more than a dusting, but less than bothersome. Or so I thought.

Apparently the policy here is to plow no matter how much snow has accumulated, and damn any cars that happen to be in the way. In South Dakota, folks would have barely thought about shoveling this much snow, let along plowing.

The kicker is that I would have moved my car this morning, so that it wouldn't have been towed, had there not been two or three other cars in the parking lot fifteen minutes before they were all supposed to have been moved. I went out there, saw the cars, and said to myself, "Hey, these guys must not think it's a big deal either. Cool."

I hope they got towed too. /grumble grumble

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